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If you have been injured in a vehicle, you're not alone. According to the National Safety Council (NSA), there are more than 12 million motor vehicle accidents annually including more than 20 million vehicles. This results in over 5 million nonfatal accidents annually, of which approximately 2 million are disabling injuries including approximately 1 million work-related auto disabling injuries. At INJURY TO HEALTH in Apopka, we have special emphasis in providing the unique level of professional care these injuries often require. 

We Focus On The Source, And The Symptoms - Don't Wait!

After enduring an auto accident, you may have whiplash or other undiagnosed spinal injury. Many times in the ER, physicians deal with a serious bodily injury or life threatening trauma. Often a patient is given pain medications and released leaving the hospital without resolving potential ongoing or worsening source of the pain. Unfortunately, the longer you put off waiting to be treated, the more time your recovery can take. INJURY TO HEALTH can provide the expert care required to help recover from and rehabilitate spinal and other joint traumas such as shoulder, TMJ, knee and or wrist that can trigger a list of other health concerns if neglected. Call us today!

Conditions and Treatments:

• Auto-related injuries • Acupressure
• Arm pain (Strain and / or Nerve Related) • Chiropractic manipulation
• Arthritis • Cold laser therapy
• Bursitis • Cold therapy
• Carpal tunnel syndrome • Cox traction
• Cervical spine disorders • Cross friction massage
• Chronic pain • Deep tissue massage
• Degenerative disc disease • Diet & nutritional counseling
• Dizziness • Disability evaluations
• Facet Syndrome • Drop table technique
• Failed back surgery syndrome • Electrical stimulation therapy
• Headache / migraine • Extremity manipulation
• Herniated disc / bulging disc • Flexion/distraction
• Hip pain • Foot orthotics
• Joint pain • Gonstead
• Knee pain • Heat / ice therapy
• Kyphosis • Interferential stimulation/therapy
• Leg pain • Intersegmental spinal traction
• Lower back pain • Low level laser
• Meniscal tears • Massage therapy
• Migraine headaches • Mobilization therapy
• Muscle pain / muscle strain • Motion palpation
• Nerve Symptoms • Myofascial release
• Nerve Compressions • Neuromuscular therapy
• Numbness • Range of motion testing
• Neck pain • Russian Stimulation
• Osteoarthritis • TENS Units
• Osteoporosis • Traction
• Osteoporotic compression fracture • Trigger point therapy
• Piriformis syndrome • Ultrasound
• Rotator cuff injury  
• Sacroiliac joint dysfunction  
• Sciatica / radiculopathy  
• Scoliosis and deformity  
• Shoulder pain  
• Spinal stenosis  
• Spondylolisthesis  
• Sports injuries  
• Tendonitis  
• Tingling of arms, legs, hands, or toes
• TMJ  
• Upper back pain  
• Vertebral subluxation  
• Whiplash