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Robert S.

5 - February 4, 2015

No wait time and everyone was very pleasant.

Debra U.

5 - November 11, 2016

He is an awesome doctor..

Lillian E.

5 - September 24, 2013

I have to say the experience is Awesome great doctor . Friendly staff, I get in and I get out fast. Not like other places that let you sit there for hours even if you have an appointment. Just love this place , he will be my doctor for a long time as needed.

Steven S.

5 - October 8, 2013

would recommend to anyone. does a great job and keeps me going, thanks

Dawn D.

5 - January 30, 2015

I received relief. I am very thankful.

Dawn D.

5 - February 3, 2015

I got relief from my stomach pain.

Gurvis H.

5 - October 20, 2017

He is a great Chiropractor. Believe me, I have seen many many in my life and he is tops in my book.I would recommend him to anyone that is searching for pain relief.

Friendly and competent.

Luis P.

5 - October 10, 2017

Very Professional

Elizabeth R.

5 - October 3, 2017

Dr. Emmons is the best. I did physical therapy for a month and didn't help me. Chiropractic medicine help me better and I feel the difference. The physical therapy sections were a waste of time and money. Anyway, I recommend Dr. Emmons, he will help you and he is a caring person. Everyone in the the office is very friendly and caring. Thank you Dr. Emmons. Also, the office has a good location and perfect office hours. God bless everyone.


5 - October 1, 2017

Kind staff and doctors

Elda M.

5 - September 27, 2017

After having 3 days of migraine on my left side and sharp pain back of left eye for the first time, I went to the Emergency Room by my Dr recommendations. CT scan and other tests were done, plus received pain medication. After 4 hours at ER, went home still with the headache. Next morning was my appointment with Dr Boylan. Explained my condition and asked if he could help. I received my regular adjutment. Just one, and the pain was gone. No more pain medicine. I feel great and health back. I believe in chiropractic and I am blessed to have found Dr. Boylan. Thanks for all you do and to your great staff.

John H.

5 - September 1, 2017

Very positive experience

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